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Multi symptom brain activity monitor, software-only, highly accurate, privacy centric, market validated.

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What is NeuroMonitor

CorrActions’ NeuroMonitor is the first software-only, real-time technology to monitor human cognitive states. NeuroMonitor measures the driver’s Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), fatigue, cognitive load, and a variety of cognitive impairments, based on AI and ML analysis of brain signals reflected in muscle micro-motions collected through existing in-cabin motion sensors such as the steering wheel, the driver’s seat, in-cabin radar, infotainment system, and additional sensors.

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How NeuroMonitor Works

The human brain performance monitoring system, located next to the motor cortex, is part of the executive control mechanisms found in the frontal lobes. The system activates whenever a conflict needs to be resolved and is negatively affected by impairing factors, such as alcohol consumption, fatigue, and stress. This system is activated dozens of times a minute, including whenever a driver needs to choose how to operate the vehicle. 
Several frequency and time domain EEG components, such as the ERN, PE, N200 and FRN are well known precursors of performance monitoring activity. Identifying changes in the characteristics of these EEG components is a highly effective method for detecting driver impairments, including intoxication and drowsiness.

Reinventing EEG

The frontal EEG signals representing activity of the performance monitoring system are accompanied by unique electrical activity in the motor cortex. Because activity in the motor cortex activates body muscles, it is possible, through machine learning, to identify muscle activity characteristics that appear only when performance monitoring-related EEG signals emerge. NeuroMonitor couples between each performance monitoring related EEG signal and its associated micro-motion patterns, thus using the driver’s micro-motions collected from the steering system and other integrated sensors, to assess the driver’s cognitive state in real-time. 
NeuroMonitor identifies multiple impairments that affect the driver, and their different levels (BAC for intoxication, KSS for drowsiness, etc.). Applying signal processing, kinematic factors, and additional methods improves accuracy and reduces false positives close to zero. Novel implementations of neuropsychological motion analysis tied to the effect of impairments on the brain across different populations, enables privacy by eliminating the need to know who the driver is.

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NeuroMonitor Benefits

No personal data


Using data that’s already available in vehicles without any hardware changes, NeuroMonitor enables fast adoption cycles with less than 2 years from POC to SOP. NeuroMonitor is the first DMS applied to existing vehicles through OTA software updates, not bound to the pace of production lines. 



Based on analysing brain activity, NeuroMonitor is capable of detecting any cognitive impairment, which is key differentiator from the impairment-specific hardware-based DMS systems available in the market (cameras, ignition buttons, breathalysers, etc.) 

Highly accurate

Highly accurate

Proven ~90% detection accuracy with close-to-zero false positives, tested on thousands of driving hours.

No personal data

No personal data

Not using nor keeping any personal identifiers (PID), NeuroMonitor doesn’t know and doesn’t care who the driver is.

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